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Cleaning Made Easy

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Just as the front door to your home greets all who enter, the door to your shower is a similar focal point for your bathroom, greeting you each morning as you begin your daily routine. You spend enough time looking at it, so why settle for a door that’s streaked, outdated and hard to keep clean?

At ProGlass, we offer glass coating applications that will help repel stains as well as mold and mildew, helping your shower enclosure practically clean itself. This means your glass will look newer for longer, with a clean, streak-free shine that no old shower could ever match.

The right coating on your shower door can accomplish a number of things, including: 

  • Protect your door against shampoo and soap residue, hard water spots, and buildup from mineral deposits in water.
  • Decrease time spent cleaning. Our shower door coatings can reduce cleaning time by up to 90%.

And that’s just the beginning. At ProGlass, we offer shower door coatings for your current shower door as well as coatings to accompany brand new custom-built shower enclosures. To learn more about how shower door coatings can upgrade your daily routine, contact our offices today. We’re eager to help you transform your bathroom!